Institute of Spatial Planning


The Institute of Spatial Planning consists of eight disciplines, which cooperate intensively in research, studies and administration. In close collaboration with other university institutions, public administrations and private industry, the Institute has set as its objective the development of a national and international competence centre for spatial planning. This relates to the level of planning-relevant research topics as much as to the planning itself.

The following principles contribute to this aim:

  • Public positioning and imaging of spatial planning as interdisciplinary material through the Institute.
  • Profiling of the discipline in studies and research and also as partner of public and private contracting authorities

Innovation and efficiency enhancement through close cooperation with disciplines within the Institute, the Faculty and the entire University. 

Head of Institute

Michael Getzner Contact: TISS

E280-03 Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy
Chair | Venia: Finanzwissenschaften und Infrastrukturökonomie

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