Institute of Architecture and Design


The Institute is subdivided into six sections: “Building Theory by Design”, “Housing Construction and Design”, “Spatial and Sustainable Design”, “Building Construction and Design”, “Construction and Design”, “Design Theory and Practical Design”.

In the Bachelor degree course all sections schedule a lecture whose contents the students correspondingly put into practice, at first in relevant projects in exercises planned in the basic course and in the studio. The final Bachelor thesis is offered in the curriculum of all sections; the choice of the corresponding subject is up to the students.

In the Master degree course the above-named sections all offer a free compulsory subject option for the students. As supplement to the design exercises and diplomas, the section include modules with core and supplementary subjects dealing in depth and detail with the respective focuses of the individual subjects.

Besides lectures and designing, scientific and research work is also a subject on the curriculum at the Institute of Architecture and Design; this is reflected pre-eminently in the Master degree course.

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