Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture


The present state and future development of city and landscape are confronting us with ever more complex challenges. In the course of the accelerating global urbanisation, city and landscape are growing more and more into each other, as are the disciplines of urban design, landscape architecture and project development, which are combined in the Institute for Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Design. In accordance with this trend, the Institute pursues an integrative approach to studies and research, with the aim of addressing the complexity of today’s environment already at the stage when the issues are just being formulated and concepts worked out.

The development and design of urban spaces and of rural communities demand new interdisciplinary, dynamic methods in order to be able to formulate and implement appropriate spatial action and processes within the triangle of social compatibility, environmental compatibility and economic efficiency.

The three Sections regularly merge in joint courses and projects, and, over and above this, cooperation is taking place between all those belonging to the Institute, also within and outside the TU Wien, and faculties and institutes, national and international universities and partners from industry, politics and administration. Such broad-based and supported networking in studies and research makes a fundamental contribution to the open work method predominant at the Institute.

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