Mission Statement

Identity, strategy & goals

Applied research in the field of the built environment characterises the identity and strategy of the Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning. The focus of scientific exploration is on new technologies, materials, and methods with respect to the interrelationships between architecture, planning, and society. Equal consideration of technical, sociocultural, economic, and ecological aspects distinguishes architecture and planning from strictly engineering disciplines, as well as a commitment to research activities that give priority to qualitative, rather than quantitative criteria. 

The culture of dialogue and the premise of independence with respect to state, industrial, and political interests are pre-eminent principles. The position of an international research institution with a focus on applied research – together with the important artistic components of architecture and planning – shall be reinforced. The faculty’s role as expert partner to industry, business, and national interests is intended as a response to contemporary challenges of the information and service society.

Research-based graduate studies

The faculty seeks to establish a PhD programme aimed at research excellence in the field of designing the built environment in order to foster a high quality education consistent through the master and doctorate levels. The selection, instruction, and career support of young researchers shall thus be ensured. Measures are to be taken to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and secure adherence to scientific standards through periodical assessment of the declared teaching and research goals.

Research structure

The faculty’s potential in applied research is reflected in the combination of architecture and regional planning disciplines. Design work as a field of art is established in parallel and equivalent to fields of scientific research. The integration of a variety of design practitioners and scientists in the faculty aims at allowing all participating groups to engage in the research subjects and objectives.

Research fields

  • Eco-efficient development and design of the built environment
  • Digital technologies in architecture and planning
  • The European City – between self-organisation and controllability
  • Socio-cultural architecture

Field of art

  • Development and advancement of the architectural|:arts:|

Wissenschaftstag / Forschungstag der Fakultät

In 2007, the former dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning, Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Dr.h.c. Klaus Semsroth, initiated a biannual faculty science day that is open to professionals from related research, development, and industry communities. The aim of this event is to present current research projects and scientific research activities of the faculty in its full range of disciplines. The applied and design-practice-based nature of faculty research is especially highlighted through the presentation of fundamental research in conjunction with innovative product and system developments, as well as cooperations with participating industry and funding partners.