Mission Statement

Understanding, Strategy, Targets

Application-oriented research in the field of the built environment is what characterises the understanding and strategy of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. Scientific attention is also paid to research into new technologies, materials and methods, taking into account the interactions between architecture, planning and society. Considering technical, socio-cultural, economic and ecological aspects in equal measure is another factor that sets architecture and planning apart from purely technical disciplines. At the same time, there is a commitment to research activity in which qualitative criteria are preferred over quantitative ones.

The culture of dialogue and the principle of independence from the state, economic and political forces are always at the forefront. The position as an international research institution with a focus on applied research – supplemented by the important artistic component found in architecture and planning – is to be strengthened. In response to the current challenges of the service society, the aim is to establish a role as the preferred contact for industry, business and the national community as whole. 


Research-based master’s degrees

The aim is to establish a PhD program geared towards research excellence focusing on the built environment for quality education at the master’s and doctorate level, thereby ensuring the careful selection, supervision and promotion of young scientists. Another aim here is to ensure interdisciplinary cooperation and compliance with standards including a regular review of teaching and research objectives.


Research structure

In line with the combination of architecture and planning, the faculty’s research potential is believed to lie in applied research. In keeping with considering design work as an artistic achievement, the faculty also includes an artistic field as an equivalent to and alongside the research fields. The idea behind integrating the various interns and scientists in the faculty is to allow all groups involved in the research work to participate in the objectives of the focal areas.


Focal Areas

At the Vienna University of Technology, whose mission statement is “Technology for People”, the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning plays an important role. Not only is it a bridge but also a hub, a platform and an arena for a critical examination of spatially effective, technological and social transformation processes in urban, regional and international contexts. Integrated into the research priorities of the Vienna University of Technology, the faculty-specific research and funding priorities reflect specific competencies and expertise that justify further scientific profiling. We focus on these issues within the framework of distinctly inter- and transdisciplinary focal areas.

Wissenschaftstag / Forschungstag der Fakultät

In 2007, the former dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning, Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Dr.h.c. Klaus Semsroth, initiated a biannual faculty science day that is open to professionals from related research, development, and industry communities. The aim of this event is to present current research projects and scientific research activities of the faculty in its full range of disciplines. The applied and design-practice-based nature of faculty research is especially highlighted through the presentation of fundamental research in conjunction with innovative product and system developments, as well as cooperations with participating industry and funding partners.