Urban and Regional Research


As part of the Institute for Spatial Planning at TU Wien, this research unit considers its responsibilities in two main areas: (1) theoretically and methodologically sound spatial research and corresponding approaches to solutions to political and planning challenges as well as (2) offering didactically clearly structured learning offers on theoriesa and methods as well as on the assessment of planning strategies within an evidence-based understanding of planning.

This claim to research-led teaching is implemented by interdisciplinary and planning-oriented research activities: among these are research projects and cooperations with (inter-)national partners as well as independent dissertations and publications. Thereby, research and teaching are based particularly on the specific knowledge of our team members in scientific fields such as regional science, economic, social and urban geography as well as geoinformatics. Both in research and teaching, adequate quantitative and qualitative methods of urban and regional analysis and, especially, geographical information systems (GIS) are used to visualise and analyse spatial structures and processes.

Research Unit Head & Professorship