E251 Institute of History of Art, Building Archaeology and Restoration
E251-01 History of Architecture and Building Archaelogy
E251-02 Monument Preservation and Building in Existing Structures
E251-03 Art History

E253 Institute of Architecture and Design
E253-01 Building Theory and Design
E253-02 Housing Construction and Design
E253-03 Spatial Design
E253-04 Building Construction and Design
E253-05 Building Construction and Design 2
E253-06 Design Theory and Practical Design

E259 Institute of Architectural Sciences
E259-01 Digital Methods in Architecture and Spatial Planning
E259-02 Structural Design
E259-03 Building Physics and Building Ecology
E259-04 Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics

E260 Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture 
E260-01 Urban Design
E260-02 Landscape Planning and Garden Design
E260-03 Real Estate Development

E264 Institute of Art and Design
E264-01 Drawing and Visual Languages
E264-02 Three-Dimensional Design and Modelling

E280 Institute of Spatial Planning
E280-01 LAW
E280-02 | SRF Regional Science
E280-03 | IFIP Public Finance and Infrastructure Policy
E280-04 | IFOER Local Planning
E280-05 | IVS Transportation System Planning
E280-06 | ISRA Sociology
E280-07 | Region Regional Planning and Regional Development
E280-08 | Boden Land Policy and Land Management

285 future.lab - platform for inter- and transdisciplinary teaching and research
E285-01 future.lab Research Center
E285-02 Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space

E299 Services Architektur und Raumplanung
E299-01 Dean's Office
E299-02 Computer Laboratory of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning

Interdisciplinary Centres

Spatial Simulation and Modelling