Institute of Art and Design


Studies and research at the Institute of Art and Design revolve around creative and artistic contents that have a fundamental formative influence on the collectively developed principles of observation, thought and action of the teachers and students. Architects, artists, model builders, cultural theorists, photographers, communication designers supply criteria for a planned environment, for aesthetic and societal spatial formations, for urban strategies and artistic interventions.

Conflicts, differences, interactions with the culture of everyday, individual preferences, social change, social grievances – all these are sources of inspiration and impetus, and trigger creative thought and action processes. The factor of art in the urban and architectural space is a central theme. The Institute of Art and Design is anchored in the Bachelor and Master Degree programmes in architecture and supervises diploma candidates and several PhD candidates. Focuses of research are directed onto the fields of digital, three-dimensional processual techniques, the three-dimensional form, model building and computational design, visual culture, data generation (especially in public spheres), photography, artistic practice and research (here reinforced at the interface of architecture, education and migration), art and architecture education and communication – always from a critical standpoint with regard to issues of everyday cultural conditions and changes in the public space.

Head of Institute

Header photo: Christian Fürthner/Mobilitätsagentur Wien