Real Estate Development and Project Management


The objective of the Centre of Real Estate Development at the TU Wien is to establish project development as an autonomous academic and scientific discipline to be taught and learned in the German-speaking regions. Steps taking us on the way to this goal are the definition and discussion of the skills needed by project developers and the formulation of current research issues. Project development is treated in the study course as an independent discipline which can be described and demarcated, and which, based on Schulte and Bohne-Winkel, “as motor of the real estate industry, provides the market with new products in the form of new buildings and by (re-)activating already existent building stock.” On account of the enormous external effects and the long life of real estate properties, great scope is given in the study course to the purposeful and sustainable formation of real estate projects.

On the Bachelor degree level, students will avail of the skills that allow them to collaborate at a high-quality, practical level on project development and management processes, and, on the Master degree level, to be capable of questioning these processes and of purposefully giving shape to them. The aim of the study course project development and management is also to train the next generation for addressing scientific issues in the fields of project development and management. For this reason, free or set diploma theses and dissertations are supervised in close cooperation with partners from professional practice.

 “At the end of the day, the work we project developers do is judged by people in form of demand, and in form of expressions of political will. We ought to concentrate more on the production of a sustainable environment which is worth living for, rather than on manipulation of the stock market” – Univ.Prof. Dietmar Wiegand

Research Unit Head & Professorship

Univ.Prof. Prof.h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Wiegand Contact: TISS

E260-03 Real Estate Development and Project Management