Three-Dimensional Design and Model Making


The Centre of Three-dimensional Design and Model Making teaches and researches in various fields of three-dimensional design in connection with artistic and cultural theory and practice. Our approach to study consists in a merging of theoretical and practical elements in addressing art, architecture, design and culture.

The Centre focuses on the fields of three-dimensional design and modelling. It coordinates the module Form*Design within the module programme of the Faculty of Architecture and Modelling.

The Centre contributes to the basic training in architectural studies with its studio Three-dimensional Design, which provides an introduction to the analysis of form. Besides this course, there are special study courses in modelling and architectural photography.

Our research is internationally oriented and supported by broad-based networking with institutions, researchers and exponents from various fields of the arts, architecture, design and cultural studies. The key focus is on the involvement with the arts, the “integration of digital and physical design methods” and on cultural sociology.

Events, exhibitions and lecture series in combination with the staff’s busy publishing activities provide for a dynamic and innovative forum in knowledge-sharing and exchange. We are a founding member of the Centre for Geometry and Computational Design.

With the model-building workshops and our research areas, we are contact partners wherever the making of artefacts is involved.

Research Unit Head & Professorship

Univ.Prof. Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Christian Kern Contact: TISS

E264-02 Three-Dimensional Design and Model Making