Technicians/engineers, architects and planners have always been compelled to act within a legally predetermined environment. There is an evident trend towards the continual consolidation and refinement of the fundamental and extremely complex legal framework for the practice of technical disciplines – both on the national level (Austrian and foreign domestic legislation) as well as most particularly on the international level (international law) and supra-national Community legislation (EU).

Before this background of legal dynamics, the tasks of the academic discipline of LAW include:

  • continual observation of legal developments relevant to technology (on national, European and international levels),
  • research of legal structures and contexts with a view to technical disciplines,
  • pointing out concrete legal problems and developing innovative, law-conforming solutions,
  • offering practical legal training for students of technology,
  • cooperating with numerous research facilities (TU-intern or –extern), but also cooperating with industry and relevant interest groups, also
  • committed cooperation in the optimisation of the legal framework conditions for technology and industry.

Head of Centre

Headergraphic: Creative Commons-Lizenz CC0 - Gerd Altmann