Health in motion

In the applied education and research project HEALTH IN MOTION, we are concerned with the digital transformation of our living environment through medical research and medical technology, with the innovative planning and use of social infrastructures, and with actively participating in shaping the health of tomorrow.

Children and young people are provided with an understanding of the interrelationships and challenges of digital and analog everyday life in the educational and health landscape against the background of equal opportunities and social cohesion. In a playful way and by encouraging individual interests, the pupils learn about professions in health research, medical technology and infrastructure planning, experience their everyday working life with hands-on activities and are involved in processes of co-producing knowledge. Together with the project team, they become experts in their and our future health. The aim of the project is to convey knowledge about the future of health and digitization in a diverse and varied way and to develop it further together with pupils, teachers, parents and educational partners as well as research and corporate partners.
This project is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology Climate and Energy and is carried out as part of the program «Talente regional».