Doctoral (PhD) programmes

Study Code
Doctoral Programmes in
786 600
Technical Sciences Architecture
784 600
Social and Economic Sciences Architecture
786 630
Technical Sciences Spatial Planning
784 630
Social and Economic Sciences Spatial Planning


The doctorate programme has a standard duration of 6 semesters. Aside from the completion of a doctoral thesis (dissertation), elective courses must be passed for a total credit of at least 18 ECTS from the current doctoral curriculum (standardised for all disciplines). Detailed information about this course selection can found in the doctoral curriculum. Credits earned and previously applied to attaining a master degree cannot be credited to doctoral studies.

The doctorate programme is concluded with a research presentation and thesis defense (Rigorosum) in front of an examination committee. According to the degree programme, the graduate is awarded the academic degree Doctor of Social and Economic Sciences, abbreviated Dr.rer.soc.oec. or Doctor of Engineering Sciences, abbreviated Dr.techn.

Starting out from the outcomes of the 2017 Research Day, the framework conditions of the procedure for doctorate studies in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning was discussed by a working group of experts from a wide range of disciplines, and concrete proposals for a further development were developed. On the basis of the current regulations for study matters for the doctoral programme, the formats and processes documented in the Guidelines Doctoral Programme 2020 focused on an improved networking of the candidates with one another, on more transparency both internally and externally, and stepped-up support of candidates. In practice this means:

  • In a Colloquium taking place twice a year, active candidates are invited to present an interim exposé and to follow this up by sharing their intermediate results in an informal talk afterwards. The occasion is intended as a networking encounter. This has the aim of encouraging knowledge-sharing between the candidates – beginners as well as advanced – also to create synergies and to enhance the visibility of the individual research projects on Faculty level.
  • The Review introduces a feedback option for the candidates. One year after inscription the candidate has the opportunity of presenting to a review jury consisting of Faculty members and external experts the developed research plan and thus gain support through a tangible resonance to their thesis project.
  • The option of specific units of instruction and courses for candidates aims to be adapted continually to current needs and followed up according to requirement. The corresponding resources will be made available to cover these.

The complete version of the Guidelines is available online.


At least one of the following requirements must be fulfilled before enrolling a doctorate programme at TU Wien:

  1. Completion of university master or teaching certification degree in a related discipline
  2. Completion of equivalent master studies at an accredited Austrian or foreign institution of higher education
  3. Completion of a master programme at a technical college accredited in accordance with the Austrian law governing such institutions Fachhochschulgesetz § 5 Abs. 3

In cases not meeting the first stated condition, the applicant may be individually required to take supplemental courses in the doctorate programme.

In the latter two cases, the certificate of admission may include individual requirements for taking supplemental courses. The requirements for graduates of several (Austrian) college programmes are stipulated in regulations (available only in German) issued by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. The extent of additionally required course credits can be up to 44 semester hours, equivalent to 60 ECTS points. For more information about application requirements, see the Admission Office; foreign students may also consult to the Student Exchange Bureau of the university’s student union (HTU).


Students must enroll in the doctoral programme at the Admissions Office.

TU Wien account is registered upon enrollment, which is maintained for the duration of doctoral studies. Since account authorisation takes a certain amount of time, early registration is recommended to ensure a problem-free programme start.