Radically mixed-use building type with associated open spaces

The project team of OPENhauswirtschaft is developing and implementing an integrative, vertical mixed-use building with innovative ownership and building architecture. For many years, the concept of a compact, mixed-use city has been regarded as the preferred urban strategy for more social cohesion and for the sustainable use of scarce resources. However, the implementation of this strategy requires contemporary and visionary solutions, which redefine the use and utility of urban spaces. The evolution of urban development areas offers scope for reshaping urban spaces, which has so far been tried out only to a limited extent. OPENhauswirtschaft is identifying a window of opportuntiy in the urban development process Nordbahnhof Wien. The project is designed as a supporting process for the initiative “Die HausWirtschaft” on it’s way towards being a new role model within the Viennese social housing. Die HausWirtschaft has set itself the goal of creating a joint living and working space, filled with vitality and diversity of use, as a long-term, sustainable and open community of around 250 people working and/or living in 45 apartments and 3500 m² of work-related space. Moreover the community plans to create an affordable space for people who work and live in a communityoriented manner, which also provides added value to the neighbourhood. In order to achieve these goals, this project focuses on technical, organizational, legal and social innovations which include sharing resources, longterm self-management and self-empowering ability as well as the economy for the common good. By the end of the project, the mixed-use building, anchored in the city center will have already commenced construction. New scientific data about the planning and the development processes involved with the implementation of extreme mixeduse subsidized housing will be obtained and disseminated.

The future.lab Research Center is supporting the experimental development of a radically mixed-use building type with associated open spaces in the Vienna city center in the applied research project OPENhauswirtschaft. The focus is on the participatory and open planning and implementation of an experimental mixed-use development that is unique in Austria and is intended to contribute to sustainable economic value creation as well as to socially and ecologically compatible use of space. OPENhauswirtschaft is a follow-up project of the applied research projects «Mischung: Possible!» ( and «Mischung: Nordbahnhof» (
This project is funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and is carried out as part of the program «Smart Cities Demo – Living Urban Innovation 2018».