Examination board examinations

Third and fourth repetition of a study course examination

Legal situation

Valid according to § 77 UG2002 and TU Senate Resolution: students have the right to repeat negatively assessed examinations a total of four times (5 presentations). The third and fourth repetitions are to be held before an examination board, if the examination is carried out in a single examination procedure

For students who started their architectural studies as of WS 2013/14, the following ruling applies according to the study plan: the phase of study entry and orientation (STEOP) applies as positively completed if at least 18 ECTS out of the assigned courses consisting of 34 ECTS have been positively completed; this has to include the orientation course and at least one exercise ((§8 of the Architecture Study Plan). Since 1 January 2016, according to TU Senate Resolution, a maximum of four examination presentations (thus three repetitions) is possible until positive completion of the STEOP, thus five examination presentations.

Repetitions before an examination board are not compulsory but only to be carried out after student application.

What is an examination board exam?

An examination board exam is an oral examination before a three-member examination board. This consists of the Dean of Studies as chair, the course director as main examiner, and a second examiner who is familiar with the content of the subject to be tested. The assessment is done by the examination board and is announced subsequent to the examination.

For subsequent teaching events: at the fourth presentation the exam is written in on a regular set date. The student registers through the Deans Office and the respective secretarial office of the academic department.

  • VO Raumgestaltung
  • VO Wohnbau
  • VO Gebäudelehre
  • VO Hochbau Einführung
  • VO Hochbau 1
  • VO Hochbau 2
  • VO Baudurchführung u. AVA
  • VO Bauphysik und Humanökologie
  • VO Baugeschichte I
  • VO Baugeschichte II
  • VO Technischer Ausbau
  • VO Architektur- und Kunstgeschichte 1
  • VO Architektur- und Kunstgeschichte 2
  • VO Architekturtheorie
  • VO Dreidimensionales Gestalten
  • VO Tragwerkslehre 1
  • VO Tragwerkslehre 2
  • VO Tragwerkslehre Einführung
  • VO Städtebau
  • VO Stadtentwicklung
  • VO Wohnbauproduktion - prozessorientierter Kontext
  • VO Mathematische und statistische Grundlagen der Raumplanung
  • VU CDA Computergestützte Datenanalyse


Registration for the examination board exam is done in person at the Deans Office of Faculty for Architecture and Planning E299-01, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Vienna, Staircase 3, 4th floor, or by e-mail. The registration for the examination board exams that are sat for during the regular, set examination dates (see above under exceptions) also takes place at first in the Dean’s office, and only afterwards directly in the research units.

Date and location are organised by Mrs. Petra Bilak-Föderl . The invitation to an examination board exam takes place in writing via eM-mail. At least a fortnight must lie between sending the invitation and the examination date. This two-week examination preparation period is the right of every student. If this is not maintained, a new date has to be organised. At the express wish of the student (informal written confirmation suffices) this period can be dispensed with.

Should the student not be able to present him/herself on the examination date, the Deanship  has to be informed promptly and in written form!

  • According to § 18a of the statutes of the TU Wien, students are entitled to cancel the examination verbally, in writing or electronically with the examiner or the dean of studies at least two working days before the examination day. You are therefore right, the de-registration was too late.
  • If students do not appear for an examination without having canceled their registration within the deadline (two working days before the examination day), the dean of studies is entitled, at the suggestion of the examiner, to exclude these students from registering for this examination for a period of eight weeks (the period begins on the day of the examination). The student would have to be informed of this if he wanted to use the lock. However, the lock would have to be lifted if a valid reason (e.g. accident or similar).

What happens if you fail five times?

After the fifth time with a negative result in a compulsory course, an ex-matriculation takes place. Afterwards the person is excluded permanently from this course of study at this university. However, positively completed examinations for another course of study can be credited.

Why no exceptions?

There are hardly any university systems on the international scene that offer more exam presentation options than in Austria. Anyone not managing to complete a compulsory course of study after four or five attempts is probably studying the wrong subject, or not seriously enough. The teachers at the TU Wien also have their obligations to guarantee the quality of their graduates; if they make exceptions, this disadvantages first and foremost the graduates of our university. Therefore exceptions to this rule are generally not possible.

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