Master's degree in architecture (Dipl.-Ing.)

For the completion of your master's degree and obtaining the title Dipl.-Ing., the following prerequisites must be observed:

1. Registration: submission and registration of the second and third examiners

There is a one-week registration period (in the consultation hours) for the registration for the final examination, by the submission of the examination protocol with a full certificate and the announcement of the second and third examiners at the same time (current oral commitment necessary).

All candidates who register within the one-week deadline are admitted to the final examination. There is no entrant restriction.

There are a number of criteria to be followed when choosing second and third-party auditors:

  • The examiners must be from different sections/departments, have different examinations, and should preferably be chosen in the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning.
  • If one of the examiners is an assistant with a doctorate or an external examiner, you need a special authorization from the Vice-Study-Dean for architecture Helmut Schramm (only one assistant or one external examiner possible).

2. Application for final examination

There is a further one-week deadline (in the consultation hours) for the application for the final examination, by submitting the registration card ("Anmeldemappe").

Master's thesis

One issue of your diploma thesis (name at the back of the book, signed on the first page) has to be filled with approval confirmation and three CDs (max. 50 MB) labeled at the dean's office.

3. Diploma supplement

After taking a certain amount of courses from the research unit of "History of Architecture and Building Archaelogy" (251-01) and "Monument Preservation and Building" (251-02), this specialization can be entered in the Diploma Supplement as integrated study qualification in "building research.Monument maintenance".

Further information can be found here:

The final examinations in March, April and October, November are counted to the preceding semester. No enrollment is necessary for the current semester when you take the diploma examination on these dates.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the office hours of the Dean's office.