Course structure

The contents and qualifications of the course of study are communicated through modules. A module is a teaching and learning unit characterised by entry and leaving qualifications, contents, teaching and learning forms, amount of regulated work, and achievement assessment. Modules are completed in the form of single or multiple, content-connected study courses. Each study course is given a specific number of ECTS points; these measure the amount of work done by the student.

Entry and orientation phase of the course of study (StEOP)

The entry and orientation phase of the course of study enables the students to check their choice of studies reliably. It forms the transition from school learning to university knowledge acquisition and creates an awareness for the talent and skills that are required and for the necessary readiness to accomplish the tasks at hand.

You can find information on this on the Orientation Course page.

Registration for courses of study (TISS)

All study courses offered in the semester are listed in the study course information system TISS. Here you can find all information on the individual courses of study, including topic, tutors, ECTS points, compulsory and optional subjects, not forgetting registration and examination modalities and times.