Social Infrastructure: Health/Education/Living

The focus of this research and funding priority is to examine the architecture and planning of publicly or privately funded institutions in the fields of education and health as well as publicly funded residential buildings. These include in particular kindergartens, schools, libraries, public meeting and discourse rooms, hospitals, residential buildings, and social housing. Social infrastructure is closely linked to the concepts of essential public services and the common good. Ideally, it supports social innovation by bring new typologies to the fore, therefore making it an important medium for social development in this respect.  


Research in this field includes the following topics:

Typology and functional specification of social infrastructure facilities

+      Theory and history of social infrastructure

+      Urban and regional planning aspects relating to social infrastructure

+      Evaluation of social infrastructure (BPE – Building Performance Evaluation)

+      Funding models for social infrastructure and their impact on architecture and planning

+      Planning methods for social infrastructure

+      Impact of digitalisation on social infrastructure and its architecture and planning  

+      ….