Final Presentations of Sondermodul Experimental Structural Design and the Exhibition opening Robots and Drinks!

Mittwoch, 06/29/2022 - Mittwoch, 06/29/2022
14:00 Uhr Presentations & 17:00 Uhr Exhibition Opening
Sechschimmelgasse 10, 1090 Wien
Forschungsbereich Interdisziplinäre Tragwergsplanung und Ingenieurholzbau
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ITI The Department of Structural Design and Timber Engineering Proudly Presents:
Final Presentations of Sondermodul Experimental Structura Design and the Exhibition opening Robots and Drinks!
During the Modul, the students were exposed to methodologies of robotic assembly of discrete structural systems. The main goal of the course was to explore the possibilities of integrating robotic processes in the fabrication process and exploring design systems that are developed for robotic assembly. Robotic fabrication enables certain flexibility in the design process, as the robot can execute custom commands with high precision. Accordingly, each structural element can be customized and fabricated with high accuracy. Through this new flexibility, a new level of complexity can be added to the design process that liberates the design from repetitive elements. Different ways of implementing robotic procedures in the design and fabrication path line were explored along the course. With a high focus on parametric design, the students were exposed to parametric structural simulation, robotic simulation and computational design topics. The material in this exhibition is the results of these different explorations, which use methods of arts-based research.
In the final presentations, the students will present their learning results accompanied by 1:1 scale structures fabricated by robotic processes.
In the exhibition, the visitors also can inspect the robotic assembly process by the on-site installed robot, assisted by our students.
29.06.2022 14:00 Presentations
29.06.2022 17:00 Exhibition Opening and Party