Habilitation Procedure

The application for the teaching license should be addressed to the Rector and the Dean's Office submitted for Architecture and Planning. The settlement of the habilitation procedure is regulated in statute of Guidelines for the habilitation procedure (only available in German).

It is advisable that the applicant makes an appointment with the Dean prior to the submission of the documents.

The contact for habilitation affairs at the Dean's Office is Mr. Georg Penthor. There is also a fact sheet (Merkblatt) available in German.

Ongoing habilitation procedures

Habilitation committee – Hubert FEIGLSTORFER
Area of expertise: Vernakuläre Architektur

Chairperson of the habilitation committee: Richard STILES.

The procedure is currently in the appraisal phase.

The list of positive habilitation procedures is available under Venia Docendi.