The focal point of the EXCITE initiative of the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning, which has now been launched for the second time, was the promotion of outstanding projects in teaching and research or in the combination of teaching and research. We were looking for projects that are distinguished by their special innovative character and that make lasting contributions to the further development and profiling of the faculty. An integration into the main research areas of the Vienna University of Technology and the faculty were required.

Only young scientists (PreDoc, PostDoc, SenSc or SenLect or SenArt.) of the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning were eligible to apply, whereby coordination with the management of the research area was mandatory. Cooperation with external scientists or colleagues from research and practice was possible. Especially female colleagues were invited to submit their application.

The funding volume totaled EUR 50,000. This financed the following two projects:

Positions between common good and prosperity / Vienna's housing policy in the context of Europe
Project management: Christina Lenart, Bernadette Krejs in Zusammenarbeit mit arch+

Health and Social Infrastructure: Architecture, Planning, and Practices
Project management: Magdalena Maierhofer, Evelyn Temmel, Kathrin Schelling, Judith Lehner