Competitions as Laboratories for Innovation

Dienstag, 19.01.2021
Live Stream:
FOB Gebäudelehre und Entwerfen

Policies and Qualities
Public Online Symposium On the Role of Architecture Competitions

organized by
Jean-Pierre Chupin (Université de Montréal) & Tina Gregoric (TU Wien), Thomas Amann (TU Wien)


Bechara Helal (Université de Montréal, CA)
Benjamin Hossbach (Phase 1, Berlin, DE)
Wilfried Kühn (Kühn Malvezzi, Berlin, DE/ Prof. TU Wien)
Lilli Pschill, Ali Seghatoleslami (PSLA Architekten, Vienna, AT)

Moderation: Prof. Jean-Pierre Chupin, Univ.Ass. Thomas Amann

Key Questions

Why is it necessary to stimulate innovation in architecture?
How would you define the various forms of innovation allowed by competitions?
How can we use competitions as a platform for innovation in architecture and in society in general?
How can competitions be a stimulating space to formulate and test architectural positions and to challenge existing standards?
How do you see the tension in competitions between the confirmation of existing dogmas and their criticism, between imitation and innovation?
How can competitions balance risk management and experimentation to produce the best project for a specific situation?