The artistic and creative field of the development and advancement of the architectural|:arts:|

The Faculty of Architecture and Planning will operate its own field of work within the framework of tasks formulated in the UOG of the collective development of the sciences and arts and their integration in professional practice and society. The key focus is on the planning and realisation of architecture that combine artistic value and exemplary standards with technologically scientific qualities. In contrast to other research sectors, priority is given not to the transparent scientific treatment of technical, methodical and socio-cultural issues, but to the creative, innovative and artistically individual solutions for a task of building and design. The end product of the works in this field of research is primarily the built object or the graphic representation of the idea and its communication.

In traditional terms, architecture means the art and/or science of the planned design of the built, human environment. From the architectural design to the realised project, it is located between many disciplines; architecture is per se interdisciplinary. The (architectural) artists practising within the Faculty make a direct contribution to a provision of the arts through their creative commitment in developing architectural and art projects, architectural designs, artistic concepts, and also competitions of architecture and art.