Research Project: We consider social, spatial & transport-related effects of autonomous vehicles.

Looking at the past, we see that transport innovations were key to shaping urban form and lifestyle. Their consequences were always pervasive and unforeseen – the bigger the time frame considered. We have to start to understand the preconditions, for connected and automated transport to contribute major urban development goals.


We are collecting debates that are usually separated by disciplinary boarders, to understand the evolving landscape of sociotechnical change. We scrutinize the past and put emphasis on the contextual particularities of cities and regions, because we know that their stories are both connected and distinct.


Over the next two years, we will examine possible spatial, social and transport related effects of connected and automated mobility and develop scenarios to better understand how this technology can contribute to major urban development goals and where it might undermine them.


AVENUE21 is an interdisciplinary research project funded by the Daimler & Benz Foundation and located at TU Wien´s future.lab. Our team includes researchers from architecture, architectural theory, urban design, regional planning, sociology and mobility studies.