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New Features

27. July 2010


[Translate to English:] Kalenderkategorie Inside ar.


Im Kalender gibt es ab sofort eine neue Kategorie: Inside ar. 

In dieser Kategorie werden künftig alle fakultätsinternen Termine bekanntgegeben, wie zB Fakultätsratssitzungen, Stukositzungen etc.

Fahren Sie im Kalender mit der Maus links über die Kategorien, so werden  im Kalender rechts die Termine in der Webseitenfarbe hervorgehoben die zur jeweiligen Kategorie eingetragen sind. Klicken Sie eine Kategorie an, werden unten in der Kalenderliste nur mehr die Termine der entsprechenden Kategorie gelistet.


zu den aktuellen fakultätsinternen Terminen


[Translate to English:] Real Url


Mit dieser Erweiterung wurden die Url Parameter in lesbare "schöne" Urls umgewandelt. Grundsätzlich orientieren sich die Url Namen an der Menüführung. Beispiel:

Der Untermenüpunkt Studium | Architekur-Bachelor | Studienatmosphaere hat nun die Url:


Calendar item for submission to editors


To submit new items for the calendar from now on, please use the appropriate online form accessible through the menu Services/Online Services/Feature Stories to the Editorial.

The required information can thus be consistently transmitted to the editorial team.

Simply enter the requested data and upload the form.

Please use the form appropriate for the intended type of submission:


a. News image as start page

b. News text dashboard - calendar item with image

c. News text dashboard - calendar item without image


The contribution will be released online as soon as possible by the editors. Please remember not to use images that already contain text information, since this may result in an unaestethic rendering of cross-dissolves.

Since calendar items are also stored in and retrivable from the online archive, your contributions also serve to document the diversity of faculty activities to a wider public.

Pascale Neuens and Patricia Burgeth would be happy to answer any further questions you may have and can be reached through feedback(a)  


People search


The personell database of TISS "business cards" has been integrated into the structure of the faculty website in order to allow students and others to learn more about instructors at the Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning.

Organistaional contact groups, such as members of curriculum committees, faculty counsils, institutes and departments, etc. can be found through this system by relevant search criteria. The list of such contact groups may be extended upon demand.

The following options are currently available to search for people at the faculty:


a. The name of the person is known: Enter the name directly in the search field and select the search category "people only".

b. Search for someone in a particular organisational unit: Select the menu option "Faculty/People" to access the index of registered contact groups.

c. General search for someone in a department via the menu item Faculty/ Institutes,Department. The Employees at the department links from the department/workgroup pages lead to lists of contacts affiliated with the respective organisational units.


All employee-related data can be edited and completed directly in the online TISS-Card application of VUT via the "Modify data" button. Beyond the standard information published by the university, a profile image and further personal details can be added individually for online publication using the "Further information" form. An example of such a customised personal profile can be found by looking up our colleague, Manfred Berthold.

In the event that your profile is not visible in the context of your department/workgroup, please contact us: feedback(a)


Previous instructions regarding the faculty website can be found in the opposite PDF.

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